There are many good reasons to consider membership with the Direct Gardening Association. As a member, not only do you receive discounted rates on conferences and access to exclusive member benefits, but you also have a concentrated opportunity to make connections with other member companies and vendors, be among the first to preview the newest gardening products and services, keep in touch with your suppliers, and learn from industry experts.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Please review the effusive testimonials that DGA members have been kind enough to provide! We look forward to welcoming you as new members of DGA. To join today, please review the options below that may be appropriate for your company and email the Executive Director with your interest.



Companies that provide services to regular and wholesale members including printing, shipping, internet, advertising, public relations, and marketing.  Includes both consumer and trade publications serving the industry.

Annual Dues: $495.00     


Companies engaged in the direct selling of gardening products to the consumer Annual Dues are based on gross mail and online order annual sales:

Under $250,000 and in business for three years or less
Only applicable for a 1st year membership
Under $250,000 $395.00
From $250,000 to $1,000,000 $595.00
From $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 $795.00
$4,000,000 and above $995.00
Multi Tiered Membership

Multi Tiered membership is for any member company that owns more than one direct gardening company with a print catalog or website.  The company must join their highest grossing direct gardening company at the normal full rate tier they fall into and then each additional company after that is just $100 per title to join.  If your company falls into this category, please contact Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare at to join.


Companies that primarily sell gardening products to a regular member or other retailers for resale.

Annual Dues: $495.00     

For a full list of member benefits, click here.