Committee Volunteerism

In order to organize all the efforts performed on behalf of DGA, The Direct Gardening Association has formed a number of committees. Any of these committees would welcome your help, insight, and positive energy. If you would like to serve on a committee, please contact the person who heads the committee.

Strategic Planning Committee
Chairperson: Greg Keys

Members: Matt Bollinger, Ken Oakes, Noel Valdes, Greg Brown

The strategic planning committee is responsible for setting the annual goals for the organization, monitoring the progress of the other committees in meeting those goals, and ensuring that committee efforts are non-redundant and efficient.

Conference Programming Committee
Chairperson: Emily Lord

Members: DGA Board serves as committee

The conference planning committee determines the topics for the summer and winter conferences, researches and secure speakers for the events, and is responsible for making sure that the program schedule operates smoothly.

Marketing Committee
Chairperson: Emily Lord

Members: Val Gosset, Greg Brown, Mary McKaskle-Caddell, Stacey Haines, and Polly Welch

The marketing committee is responsible for making sure that the website functions properly and taking care of items related to the website; making sure the website has up-to-date information; that email communication is executed in a timely manner; that press releases are distributed to appropriate groups; that organization news and updates are communicated efficiently and accurately

Membership Committee
Chairperson: Matt Bollinger & Greg Key

Members: Val Gosset, Clayton Beaty, Greg Brown, Mary MaKaskle-Caddell, Ellen Payne, Jim Zuckermandel, Stacey Haines, and Polly Welch

The membership committee updates and revises membership solicitation brochures/prospecting kits/application forms; they develop lists of recently lapsed members and create campaigns to encourage them to rejoin; they campaign to promote attendance at conferences; they determine and prioritize non-conference member benefits; and they develop the mentor program/coaches league.

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Edna Dolbeare

Members: Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare, Noel Valdes, and Ken Oakes

The finance committee reviews the current dues structure and recommends changes; they prepare the annual budget for board approval; they are responsible for making sure the organization stays on fiscal track.

Education Committee
Chairperson: Dave Waterman Mary McKaskle-Caddell
Webinar Sub-Chair: Dave Waterman Mary McKaskle-Caddell

The education committee develops a series of webinars to run throughout the year; they develop research on industry trends and changing market for gardening products; they keep their eyes open for new educational opportunities to bring to members.